Stories Moving People

Yesterday we had an open rehearsal of the new version of Stories…on the MOVE!  We were told by our colleagues that came to give us feedback that the show is “joyful” and “clever”!  We hope you join us for the fun on July 27th at 10am at the Ford Amphitheater! Get tickets here.

Meantime here’s some photos of some of the funnest parts of the show where we interact with the audiences, thanks to Gemina Gowdy who took photos at one of our performances at Palisades Elementary School.

After we taught this poem to the kids, using hasta mudras (hand gestures) to tell a story,  a kindergartener told us he thought the story was about how we’re all connected with our hearts!


Here we’ve chosen a kid who was able to use abhinaya (expression) to show and angry demon king, Mahishasura.


And now the courageous Durga has come to challenge Mahishasura’s repressive regime!


The audience has to guess what happens…


A bunch of 3rd grade boys saw us after the show and told us we were “cool!”


Photo by Chris Emerick, courtesy of the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts.

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