Shyamala Moorty

photo by Chris Emerick courtesy of the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts

photo by Chris Emerick courtesy of the Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts

Shyamala Moorty is a choreographer, interdisciplinary performer, and educator whose work draws on contemporary Indian and western dance, theater, and community engagement. She is co-founder of the Post Natyam Collective ( and has toured individual and collaborative performances to Canada, Europe, and India and since 2004. She has also performed her work locally in venues such as the Barclay theater, the Hollywood Bowl, and the Red Cat. Shyamala has also been making work with TeAda Productions ( since 2002, including two interdisciplinary solo shows: Carrie’s Web -featured in the book Desi Divas by Chris Garlough, and RISE – which was acclaimed as a “tour de force” in the LA Times. As a performer, she has worked as an ensemble member with Great Leap, the Rangoli Foundation, and as a soloist and principal dancer for the Aman International Folk Ensemble. Shyamala holds an MFA in choreography from UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures, and is trained in A Window Between Worlds’ healing arts curriculum, as well as in yoga and pilates. She has worked as an artist in residence for primary schools through the Los Angeles Music Center and the Segerstrom Center and teaches at several community colleges in Southern CA. Dedicated to healing and connecting individuals and communities, Shyamala and also facilitates healing through the arts for women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse. Shyamala has been honored to received two Durfee ARC grants, and a Long Beach Arts Council Professional Artist Fellowship.

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