What People are Saying

“…so creative and engaging that it captured the students’ attention and it appeared that they really enjoyed themselves!” -Stephanie Bobadilla, Children’s Museum, La Habra, CA

“This high caliber performance teaches world cultures through the arts in ways that make them accessible and fun to those of all ages.” -Krista Ratnaweera, Arts Teach, Segerstrom Center for the Arts

“Great value lesson to think about fairness, compassion, thoughtfulness.” -Teacher, Vista Verde Elementary School

“Shyamala and Sheetal add a sophistication and caliber not always seen in educational and family performances. Their show transports you into traditional stories, histories and time with ease. Audiences of all ages will be drawn into Stories on the Move.” -Ilaan Egeland Mazzini, Curator, Big World Fun family series, Ford Theatres

Have you one of our shows? 

Tell us where you saw it and what you thought below!


Sun Ezzell and Gracie B giving us high fives after the show!

8 thoughts on “What People are Saying

  1. I took my 3 1/2 year old and she said “it was awesome”. Sheetal and Shyamala are such fun, creative and engaging performers. We were transported. We laughed a lot and had a great time.- Meera-Mother/Actress/Writer/ Person

  2. Your dancing was so beautiful, and I went away reminded of how beautiful we all are! That’s a pretty great gift, so thank you! We loved the stories about being strong, keeping promises, help coming from unexpected creatures, life and death being one, listening in rapture to wise words from folks who have lived a long time. We enjoyed dancing and learning mudras! Amazing collaboration amongst all four of you. Creative, funny, tons of preparation, thanks for putting this in the world!!

  3. An enchanting performance of vibrant colors and sounds through music. Both Sheetal and Shyamala put on a strong two-woman story telling show with interacting learning for the audience, honor in learning about our elders, and learning morals of a tiny king and a large queen. And using some audience clapping power never hurts! An overall fun, expressive, and educational show for all ages.
    – Kevin Ellis, Rowland Unified School District, Librarian for Telesis Academy K-8.

  4. We went to see “Stories on the Move” at the Ford. I took my 3 1/2 twin daughters and they had a blast. They didn’t want to miss anything. They were mesmorized by the dancing, signing and stories Sheetal and Shyamala told/sang. I would totally take them again!

  5. Sheetal and Shyamala were mesmerizing to watch! My son is 4.5 and he absolutely adored the stories and was captivated by their whole performance. I especially loved the minimal props (practically none actually except a beautiful blue fabric that signified many things) and no set. The use of their bodies was inspiring for my son. He came home later that day and played in his own backyard theater with the new concepts he learned, especially learning to understand how so many different emotions can be read on someone’s face. A wonderful lesson for a young boy still learning about social cues and learning how to read other people’s body language. Brilliant choreography, humorous, and totally spell -binding! I loved the richness of the culture that was presented.
    I’d love to see more of what they do!

  6. Deeply moving stories told in a light hearted way, with dancing that is impeccable and music/instruments that delight. Having children from the audience participate on stage kept even the youngest attendees engaged. A must see for children of all ages! ~ Juhi k Mansi, writer”

  7. Fabulous concert! Everyone in our group loved it. My 5 year old son keeps pretending to be the Mouse King and talks about the “cool music” and the dancing. He loves storytelling more than anything and was captivated the whole time, as was I. My husband loved it too! Any time I see Sheetal I am reminded of her talent, and how her shows reach all generations. I am looking forward to seeing more shows at the Ford (this was my first)!

  8. “Stories…on the MOVE!” makes you lean in with amusement from the moment it begins. Dancers and storytellers Sheetal Gandhi and Shyamala Moorty have woven together elements of classic Indian dance and folklore with Bollywood and the concerns of our modern world. But the element that permeates the entire piece is the performers heartfelt desire to connect with you, the audience, in an authentic way–to share with you their passion for these tales and for the art of movement. Completely worth the effort of driving across town on a Saturday morning with my 7-year-old who came home and put on her own show in the living room that afternoon!

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